Partial list of spawn and growing supplies available from The Mushroom Man

Self-contained growing kits for Shiitake or Tree Oyster mushroom - $20. plus shipping, taxes

Dowel-Plug spawn for inoculating logs with Oyster mushroom, Shiitake – 250 plugs for 5-10 logs - $25, 500 plugs for 10-20 logs - $40, 1000 Dowel-plugs for 20-40 logs - $60.  10000 plugs - $375   * DOWEL PLUGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT APRIL/MAY  ONLY)

Sawdust spawn for inoculation of Oyster, Shiitake mushrooms into logs.  It takes more time and effort to inoculate logs with sawdust spawn than with dowel plugs, but may result in faster colonization and better yields.  2 X 1.5 KB APPROX BAGS sawdust spawn (will inoculate about 20 logs) $35.  

Wood Chip based “habitat spawn” for seeding outdoor patches Garden Giant  (Stropharia Rugoso annulata) Wood chip based spawn is better for this application than grain spawn, as birds and insects are not able to eat it so readily. 3 lb pack $20 6 lb. pack - $35 (6 lb does 1/2 cubic yard of substrate) CHIP SPAWN IS AVAILABLE FOR APRIL MAY SHIPMENT ONLY.

Millet or Rye grain based spawn for various strains. Approx. 5 lb. Bag - $30. 

Live spawn-culture of any strain (enquire as to availability) -  on a plate $75.

Currently available spawn (Made on demand and shipped within 2-4 weeks) Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), Pink Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Shiitake Oyster, Pearl Oyster.

Please inquire as to currently available strains.